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Infinite Dancer Experience

Gamebreaking Bug


This bug was reported by Liquor Fiend.


Dancers have the unique ability to dance for allies every turn, refreshing their turn and gaining a decent amount of experience. Dancers will stop gaining experience from dancing after turn 10, to stop infinite grinding. However, if you do even a single turn of autobattle, this counter will be reset, and you will be able to dance for another 10 turns of experience. This even works if you turn off smart end, move all your units, and have autobattle end the turn for you. This does not change the overall 99 turn cap, so there is still a limit to the amount of experience you can grind per battle.

Reproduction Steps

  • Turn off smart end
  • Deploy a Dancer into any battle
  • Set up the map such that the enemies cannot end the battle (for example trapping a single archer in a rout map)
  • Dance every turn until 10 turns have passed
  • Move all of your units
  • Autobattle to end the turn
  • Dance again, you will still gain experience
  • Rinse and repeat the previous 4 steps until turn 99


I'll get around to recording this at some point, but for now here's a level 96 Petra in Maddening mode, only possible thanks to this bug.

Dancer bug abused Petra
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