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NG+ Loading Screen Bug

Beneficial Bug


This bug was reported by kirbymastah, and initially found by Claris Robyn.


If you have a NG+ save file just after the final chapter of a route but before the credits, then start a new NG+ file off of that save, every loading screen with Byleth running around a meter will be replaced by a generic Crest of Flames loading screen. This is likely faster since when the game finishes loading, the game still waits for Byleth's loading meter to hit the right side of the screen, whereas that doesn't happen here.

Reproduction Steps

  • Play a NG+ playthrough
  • Keep a save file right after clearing the last chapter
  • Start a new NG+ file using the previous save
  • Every loading screen is now the generic Crest of Flames screen


The generic loading screen can be seen in this NG+ Azure Moon speedrun.

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