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Triangle Attack Oddity

Gamebreaking Bug


This bug was reported by quo, and further tested by ForestMercenary.


To recreate this bug, you need to have either a Pegasus Knight (PK) or a Falcon Knight (FK) that have already mastered Pegasus Knight (and hence learned the Triangle Attack combat art). The PK/FK should not have Triangle Attack equipped, and needs to have a Bow with 3+ uses in inventory (basically a bow that they could have Triangle Attack'd with if they had the combat art equipped). Then, with two other fliers (can be Wyvern fliers, they don't need to have PK mastered), set up a triangle attack as you normally would by placing them adjacent to the same enemy. With your PK/FK, go to attack the enemy. Use the X/Y buttons to toggle through your combat arts, and it will eventually give you the option to use the Triangle Attack with the Bow. You can choose this option and it will work.

With the Triangle Attack and Bow selected, you can toggle the combat arts again with X/Y to remove them, leaving just a regular Bow attack. There are many possibilities from here.

  • If the enemy can counter: only the enemy will attack, this is similar to if the enemy attacked you on enemy phase.
  • If the enemy cannot counter and animations are off: the level up screen appears and nothing happens (i.e. no regular experience or skill experience is gained), then the PK/FK will either grey out as if they moved or use Canto to move again if they have movement left.
  • If the enemy cannot counter and animations are on: the game will crash.

Reproduction Steps

  • Have a Pegasus Knight or Falcon Knight that has mastered Pegasus Knight and learned Triangle Attack
  • Unequip Triangle Attack from the PK/FK
  • Have two other fliers (any fliers with any level of class mastery will work) wait adjacent to the same enemy
  • Move your PK/FK adjacent to the same enemy, enter the attack menu, and toggle combat arts with X/Y
  • Once Triangle Attack with Bow is selected, you can either go through with it or toggle off the combat art to engage from melee range with a Bow


The below video comes from quo's YouTube channel.

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