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Wall Gambit Crash

Gamebreaking Bug


This bug was reported by Marksman18V.


In certain maps, there are breakable walls that you can attack. You can also use these walls as gambit targets. If you happen to target the wall with your gambit, and the gambit AOE also breaks all remaining barriers on a monster, the game will crash.

Reproduction Steps

  • Equip a unit with any battalion, preferably one with a big AOE gambit
  • Make your way to a mission with both breakable walls and monsters
  • Maneuver the monster towards the breakable wall, such that using the gambit on the breakable wall will break all remaining barriers of the monster
  • The game will crash after any level ups that may have occurred


This below video comes from Marksman18V's YouTube channel.

KirbyMastah reproduced the glitch and posted the video on Twitter

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