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Hapi is a member of the Ashen Wolves, hailing from the hidden village of Timotheos in the Adrestian Empire. She is passive and does not attempt to hide her apathy towards life, doing her best to conceal her emotions. She has a negative view towards authority, such as the Knights of Seiros, and society in general, most cynical to the Church due to her history with them. She prefers to call others by nicknames.


Guardian Moon 15
Imperial Year 1159
Major Crest of Timotheos
  • Collecting pretty stones
  • Sky gazing

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Game Data

Growth rates, starting skills, and more.

Base Stats (Level 3 Commoner)


Variable Recruitment Base Stats

Growth Rates




Learns Exhaustive Strike upon completing budding talent.

Learned Magic

Skill LevelReasonFaith
DMiasma ΔHeal
D+Swarm ZNosferatu
CBanshee ΘPhysic
BDeath ΓSeraphim
AHades ΩWarp

Personal Ability

Hapi's personal ability is Monstrous Appeal.

Learned Abilities

IconAbilitySkillSkill Icon
authorityRally DexterityAuthority Dauthority
authorityBattalion WrathAuthority Cauthority

Learned Combat Arts

IconAbilitySkillSkill Icon
Exhaustive StrikeExhaustive StrikeAxe Buddingaxe


This analysis was written by ha_ck_rm_rk.

Hapi is a slightly deceptive unit; although it may seem like she wants to be in one of the mage cavalry classes like Valkyrie and Dark Knight, she also has the capabilities to perform a more supportive role in a class like Gremory. Let's start with her Reason spell list. Hapi starts with Miasma and Swarm, and depending on when you recruit her, she'll either be really close to learning Banshee or she'll already have it. Swarm reduces the speed of its target by 5, allowing her to set up kills for your other units. Banshee, meanwhile, keeps an enemy from moving for a turn, which can be useful if you're getting overwhelmed and need an enemy to stay still. Hapi then learns Death at B rank Reason (useful for attacking at 3 range) and Hades at A rank (good for taking chunks of HP out of enemies but not likely to one-shot, especially on Maddening). Overall, her suite of dark magic spells give her a fair bit of utility, especially early on, though the fact that they have low hit means that they're liable to miss.

Hapi's Faith spell list also give her a lot of utility. Physic at C rank can make her a secondary healer and allows her to be useful even if she falls behind your other units. Seraphim at B rank is, unfortunately, a throwaway spell as her personal ability already gives her effectiveness against monsters (more on this later). At A rank, however, comes the holy grail of faith spells, Warp. This spell, especially when combined with other powerful movement options like Stride and Dancing, will allow you to finish a lot of maps much faster and easier.

There is, however, a caveat. Unlike the other warpers in Three Houses, Hapi is only neutral in Faith instead of being strong in it. This significantly increases the amount of time and/or instructing needed before she learns Warp. As the Black Eagles and Golden Deer already have warpers in Linhardt and Lysithea respectively, Hapi should not be used as your primary warper in those classes. The Blue Lions, however, lack a warper; Hapi can be recruited here as your primary warper if you wish. Although it will still take a lot of time before she learns Warp, the fact that you can recruit her early and hassle-free makes her a solid option when compared to the alternatives.

Speaking of recruitment, the best time to recruit Hapi is during chapters 3-5, as she will join D rank in Faith. If you're looking to optimize, recruit her at chapter 3 so that you can start training her in Faith ASAP. Once you've recruited her, your main focus is to get her to C rank in Reason and Faith so that she'll have both Banshee and Physic. Getting a D rank in Authority is also a good idea as she'll learn Rally Dexterity at that rank, but it's not the main priority. At level 10, you'll be faced with the decision of whether you want to promote Hapi to Mage or Priest. Mage is the more appealing class if you plan on attacking due to Fiending Blow, but Priest is a viable alternative if you only care about healing (or once you've already mastered Mage).

From here, how you train up Hapi will depend on what your intended role for her is. If your main goal is damage, set her goals to Reason and Riding so that she'll be able to promote into Valkyrie at level 20. Valkyrie is a strong class for a variety of reasons; it has the best movement of any Advanced magic class, the extra range on its spells allows Hapi to attack more easily without getting counterattacked, and Uncanny Blow is a great ability for patching up her shaky hit rates. You'll eventually want to move to Dark Knight at level 30 as the extra movement and Dark Tomefaire is more valuable than the extra spell range, especially if you can give her a staff to increase her range like the Caduceus staff or Thyrsus. It should be noted, however, that Hapi has a modest 45% base growth rate in magic. Hapi's strengths in reason and riding make her easy to train, but if you're looking to maximize damage, there are other options for you to consider.

On the other hand, if your goal with Hapi is to have her be your primary warper, set Hapi's goals to Faith only and gun for that A rank by instructing her as much as you can. Although having one only goal is a bit inefficient, you'll be glad to have Warp for many of the paralogues in part 1. At level 20, you'd only be able to promote her Bishop, but that's just as well given that it'll double up your white magic uses (including Warp) while also powering up your Heal and Physic. Your goal after this is to promote Hapi to Gremory at level 30; the class retains doubled white magic uses while also giving you doubled dark magic uses, increased movement, and a magic boost to help extend the range of Warp. While you work on getting her to Gremory, consider also investing in Riding at this point, as obtaining Uncanny Blow from mastering Valkyrie is still helpful.

As mentioned earlier, Hapi's personal ability, Monstrous Appeal, allows her attacks to deal effective damage to monsters. Doing extra damage to monsters is nice, but the real value in this skill is allowing Hapi to break barriers in one shot without needing the use of a gambit, a combat art, or a specific weapon. This task is best accomplished from a range of 3 or more so that Hapi doesn't take damage on the counterattack; ways to do this include Hapi's Death spell, the extra range gained from Valkyrie, or the use of a staff such as the Caduceus or Thyrsus.

In regards to battalions, Hapi suffers from both a weakness in authority and a low charm growth. For the early and mid-game, the ideal battalion for her is one that doesn't decrease her magic and has a support gambit that she can't miss; something like the Seiros Holy Monks with its Stride gambit is great, as Hapi will likely still be able to heal her allies with Physic even if they blaze past her. As time goes on, though, you'll want to work through her authority bane and get her to C or B rank so that she'll be able to use one of the more magic-oriented battalions. The extra magic is helpful for dealing damage as well as extending the range of Physic and Warp.

Overall, Hapi is a versatile unit capable of magical offense and utility. However, she is a master of none, and if you're looking to fill a specific role, you can probably find someone who'll do it better. Consider recruiting her if you need a mage who's easy to recruit to round out your team.


Hapi can build support with the following characters.


Hapi can be recruited into the main story after completing the Cindered Shadows DLC Chapter 4.

Favorite Teas

Have tea with Hapi
Cinnamon Blend
Dagda Fruit Blend
Four-Spice Blend


A dinner invitationGardening mishapsPlans for the future
Gifts you'd like to receiveShareable snacksCats
StargazingClose callsHeart-racing memories
Cooking mishapsHopes for your futureThanks for everything
Likable alliesWorking hours for guardsFavorite sweets
You seem differentFood in the dining hallPast laughs

Final Comments

You're in no hurry to wrap this up. Don't you have some actual, y'know... work to do?
Sip tea
I'm feeling a bit sleepy... Oh, not that you're boring or anything.
Right now I feel so... free. It's nice.
I haven't seen my parents for more than a decade. I can't remember what they look like...
I saw you playing with a cat earlier. How did you manage that? Cats always run away from me...
Sip tea
Did you know people can sigh simply because they're happy? Not much risk of me doing that.
Sometimes I have regrets about my choices, but… right now, I'm just grateful to be here.
Everyone knows about my curse, so I've got no shortage of alone time.
This might sound sappy, but... I care about you.

Liked Gifts

Coffee Beans
Exotic Spices
Hunting Dagger
Smoked Meat
Tasty Baked Treat
Pitcher Plant

Disliked Gifts

Training Weight
Monarch Studies Book
Legend of Chivalry

Lost Items

Shiny Striated Pebble
Basket of Berries
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