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Hubert von Vestra

Black Eagles

Hubert von Vestra


Hubert is a Black Eagles student at the Officers Academy, hailing from Enbarr, the capital of the Adrestian Empire. He is Edelgard's vassal, a role that the von Vestra family has held historically towards the emperor. He immediately strikes others as sinister and threatening, his interactions with anyone outside his trust appearing nefarious.


Great Tree Moon 17
Imperial Year 1160
  • Strategy and tactics research
  • Protecting Edelgard

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Game Data

Growth rates, starting skills, and more.

Base Stats (Level 1 Noble)


Growth Rates




Learns Frozen Lance upon completing budding talent.

Learned Magic

Skill LevelReasonFaith
DMiasma ΔHeal
D+Mire BNosferatu
CBanshee ΘRecover
BDeath Γ
ADark Spikes T

Personal Ability

Hubert's personal ability is Officer Duty.

Learned Abilities

IconAbilitySkillSkill Icon
authorityRally MagicAuthority Dauthority
authorityBattalion WrathAuthority Cauthority
authorityRally ResistanceAuthority C+authority
authorityBattalion DesperationAuthority Aauthority
authorityRally SpeedAuthority Sauthority

Learned Combat Arts

IconAbilitySkillSkill Icon
Heavy DrawHeavy DrawBow C+bow
Schism ShotSchism ShotBow Abow
Frozen LanceFrozen LanceLance Buddinglance


Hubert's paralogue is Darkness Beneath the Earth.


This analysis was written by Dorflord.

Hubert's magic growth rate is second only to Lysithea and Constance and he has access to powerful dark magic spells, allowing him to function as a powerful magic user. His speed and dexterity growths are also not bad for a magic user. However, due to Hubert's status as a male dark magic user, he lacks the flexibility of other magic users and is unable to use or take advantage of many of the magic classes in the game. He is also held back by his inability to take damage, similar to other magic users.

Hubert's Authority proficiency allows him to easily access high level battalions, including his personal battalion, Vestra Sorcery Engineers, which can be used to boost Hubert's damage output, bulk, and evasion rate as well as give him access to a powerful widespread gambit. Hubert's faith deficiency is a nuisance for him since investing in faith to unlock basic healing magic is worthwhile for magic users. After he unlocks Recover at rank C, however, investing in faith becomes unnecessary. Hubert's Bow proficiency gives the player the option to use Bows. Heavy Draw, learned at C+ in Bows, can be useful for dealing more damage, and Schism Shot has some utility in lowering the opponent's resistance. This can be useful in niche cases where other magic users are present and are needed to take out an enemy, but overall Hubert is more effective when taking advantage of his spell list. Hubert also has access to Frozen Lance from his budding talent in Lances, which is a magic-based attack that increases in damage by a third of Hubert's dexterity. This can be a good option in some cases as an alternative to Dark Magic.

Hubert's personal ability grants him +5 might with gambits. This isn't amazing since gambits can't kill any unit besides the targeted unit and are generally more valuable for their status effect, but it could help give him enough damage to take out the targeted unit in a few cases.

Hubert gets access to rallies, with Rally Magic and Rally Resistance easily attainable at ranks D and C+ respectively thanks to his authority proficiency. Unfortunately, these rallies are not useful as often as Ignatz or Annette's rallies, and he doesn't unlock Rally Speed until S rank in authority, which can only be attained very late in the game if at all.

Hubert starts out with the spammable Miasma Δ and gets access to Mire B very quickly, allowing him to attack from range 3 and lower the target's defense, which is a useful tool to have early on. Hubert should class into a Monk for his beginner class in order to be able to use magic and increase his Reason skill. When Hubert reaches level 10, he can class into a Mage in order to get Fiendish Blow and deal more damage. If the player is able to obtain a Dark Seal from the Death Knight, classing Hubert as a Dark Mage will also allow him to master the class and learn Poison Strike, as well as be able to certify for Dark Bishop later on. Mastering other classes such as Archer for Hit +20 can be useful, though they can be hard to master considering Hubert can't use magic while in the class.

When Hubert reaches C rank in Reason, he gets access to Banshee Θ, a powerful spell that also reduces the target's movement by 5, which helps keep him and his allies safe from an opponent during enemy phase. At B rank in reason, he gains Death Γ, giving him another option in addition to Mire B to attack from long range. Finally, at rank A in Reason, he can use his most powerful spell, Dark Spikes T, dealing effective damage to cavalry units.

In order to best take advantage of his spell list, Hubert can aim to class into Dark Knight, the only class available to him with an ability that enhances Dark Magic: Dark Tomefaire. Before this, Hubert should ideally class into a Dark Bishop considering that Warlock's abilities are useless to Hubert. With very similar growth modifiers to Warlock, Dark Bishop offers Hubert extra uses of Miasma Δ. It also offers Hubert Fiendish Blow and Heartseeker, though these are less useful. Fiendish Blow cannot be equipped twice, so the only use is if the player never mastered the Mage class or if Hubert has five other abilities that he wishes to equip. This can help him be able to equip any Rallies he wants to keep in addition to offensive abilities such as Reason Prowess, Hit +20, or Poison Strike, but as a magic user he doesn't generally have quite as many useful abilities to equip. Heartseeker lowers adjacent foes evasion by 20, which is not particularly useful since Hubert generally prefers to attack from farther away, but it can help increase allies' hit rates and help Hubert land a hit if he is able to survive a round of combat. Hubert can remain as a Dark Bishop if the player wishes, though the damage output from Dark Tomefaire and increased movement of Dark Knight are generally more useful as long as Hubert mastered Mage to learn Fiendish Blow. This does require a significant amount of investment in Hubert's riding capability, however. Classing Hubert as a Bishop also has some utility since he can still attack using Dark Magic, but his Faith deficiency makes it hard to class into and his lack of Physic makes it less useful.

Since Hubert's options for magic classes are limited, other setups can be done using magic weapons. A Sniper or Bow Knight Hubert with a Magic Bow could be a fun alternative that takes advantage of Hubert's Bow proficiency. Frozen Lance and the Arrow of Indra available from Hubert's paralogue (albeit late in the game) could allow him to class into something like a Paladin, though this is generally much inferior to Dark Knight. Classing him as a War Monk will help him deal lots of damage with the Aura Knuckles and can help him become a somewhat effective dodge tank with Brawl Avo +20 as well as retain access to spells with limited uses. However, it would mean the player would have to invest in Faith (in which Hubert has a deficiency) and Brawling (which Hubert can't use while in a magic class before becoming a War Monk). While these options are fun and can be effective with enough effort put in, they are not as optimal as Dark Knight.

Hubert has a limited number of tools at his disposal. His best trait is his spell list, with Mire B, Banshee Θ, and Dark Spikes T all being very useful tools. However, nothing else about him really stands out. He has no crest, a nearly useless personal ability, and severely limited class options. While he has the potential to be great, just like any character, it is more difficult to make Hubert excel than many other magically-oriented units who have more tools at their disposal.


Hubert can build support with the following characters.


Hubert cannot be recruited into other houses.

They will automatically be recruited if the player selects to teach the Black Eagles house.

Dagda Fruit Blend
Cinnamon Blend


A new gambitFodlan's futureReliable allies
Guessing someone's ageSomeone you look up toA strong battalion
Successful plotsBooks you've read recentlyI'm counting on you
Capable comradesMighty weaponsThe library's collection
Monastery mysteriesWorking togetherEquipment upkeep

Final Comments

While I am quite busy, this is not a waste of my time. I'm grateful for the opportunity to observe you.
Sip tea
The head of House Vestra has always been a minister to the emperor.
Lady Edelgard has taken a liking to you. She will want to hear all about this.
Most who spend time around me seem to become bored and depressed. Heh. Can't imagine why.
Sometimes your insights are so keen they seem to border on precognition.
Sip tea
House Vestra is one of few noble houses not to lay claim to any territory.
As a humble servant to Her Majesty, I sometimes envy the status she has given you.
For choosing to walk this path with Her Majesty, you have my eternal gratitude.
Sometimes I like to imagine that you were sent to us by a rival of the goddess to bring her low.

Liked Gifts

Board Game
Coffee Beans
The History of Fodlan

Disliked Gifts

Legends of Chivalry
Gemstone Beads
Landscape Painting

Lost Items

Hresvelg Treatise
Noxious Handkerchief
Folding Razor
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