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Ingrid Brandl Galatea


Ingrid is a Blue Lions student at the Officers Academy, hailing from the County of Galatea in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. She aspires to be the ideal knight, reflecting in her hardworking nature. She would rather be on the front lines of battle than be a housewife, and is shown to be unfamiliar with domestic activities.


Guardian Moon 4
Imperial Year 1163
Minor Crest of Daphnel
  • Reading
  • Eating

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Game Data

Growth rates, starting skills, and more.

Base Stats (Level 1 Noble)


Variable Recruitment Base Stats

Growth Rates




Learned Magic

Skill LevelReasonFaith

Personal Ability

Ingrid's personal ability is Lady Knight.

Learned Abilities

IconAbilitySkillSkill Icon
authorityRally MagicAuthority Dauthority
authorityBattalion DesperationAuthority Cauthority

Learned Combat Arts

IconAbilitySkillSkill Icon
HexbladeHexbladeSword Asword
Hit and RunHit and RunLance Clance
Frozen LanceFrozen LanceLance Alance


Ingrid's paralogue is Rumored Nuptials.


This analysis was written by FlashingFire.

Ingrid is the canon Pegasus Knight of Three Houses, and she readily embodies many of the typical traits of that class line.

Each house includes a female unit with a base speed growth of 60%, and in the Blue Lions' case her name is Ingrid. Unfortunately for her, her in-house base stats are the most balanced of the three, meaning her speed and strength are not immediately impressive. She does come with Tempest Lance available right out of the box, Rally Magic is learned at D authority, and she gains a slight increase to Gambit accuracy thanks to her personal ability, but Ingrid will often require special attention in order to train early on. This issue is alleviated if she is recruited from another house, especially if she gets to auto-level with maddening mode Pegasus Knight class growths for a while.

The upshot is that Ingrid is a highly flexible unit with a few standout options. The most obvious choice is to make her into a flier, which accentuates her high speed and evasion as she gains levels - Ingrid is one of the few units that can grow to reliably double most maddening mode enemies. This trait is so key that making an early investment into C Armor for Weight - 3 is worth considering, and it has the added benefit of allowing for an Armor Knight certification for some extra defense. Death Blow and Darting Blow are vital mastery skills to grab from their respective intermediate classes, and Wyvern Rider is a short step away after training Axes and Flying for Brigand and Pegasus Knight. The choice to go into Falcon Knight or Wyvern Lord afterward is mostly down to personal preference, though the former takes better advantage of Ingrid's skill boons and is therefore a little easier to get to.

Ingrid also happens to be one of the best dodge tanks of the Blue Lions. Her high speed and Flying boon make her a prime candidate for building upon a high base evasion with buffs like Alert Stance+ and an Evasion Ring. She also boasts a decent enough Charm stat that Gambits aren't always going to ruin her day, unlike Felix. Additionally, her resistance stat tends to be rather high as well, so taking a hit from magic attacks with their alternate hit formula isn't always a major concern. She can even stack on Sword Avoid +20 if you're up for making her your Dancer, which is an entirely viable choice. This has a bonus side effect of granting her a +5 charm boost from dance practice, which further helps her dodge Gambits.

Dancer Ingrid has a few notable qualities. While the dancing ability makes combat stats irrelevant if you so desire, Ingrid can perform the role without automatically getting doubled or one-shot during combat, unlike many other popular choices. She doesn't have to sacrifice much evasion to provide this key support, so sometimes you can go farther forward to dance than you could with other units. Her Riding boon allows relatively quick access to the Movement +1 skill, if that's something you value. And for a mere C rank in Reason magic, Ingrid can learn and equip the 3-range spell Thoron, which can provide support and Linked Attack boosts for Felix and Sylvain from farther than usual.

All of this versatility is very important, because Ingrid's player phase combat will often fall short of that of her peers. Her base 35% strength growth can be unreliable, so she sorely appreciates things like Death Blow, strength stat boosters, and Linked Attack boosts, which she will more often than not be able to apply twice. But if the numbers aren't treating her well, then there are still plenty of ways for her to contribute to your team.

Speaking of which, Ingrid actually has the stats and spell list to become a viable magic user. Her base magic is nothing special, but her growth actually matches her strength growth at 35%, and her 40% resistance is competitive even among more dedicated mages. Thoron and Physic are her standout spells, and Seraphim can also be handy for efficiently taking down monster barriers. She can even dish out some extra damage with Frozen Lance in a pinch. Fast mages are in short supply in Three Houses, and Ingrid has the potential to become a magic attacker that doesn't immediately keel over when targeted in return.

Being a female unit also helps here, since Valkyrie, Dark Flier, and Gremory all become viable options. Each of them has their draws. Dark Flier will suit her skill boons well and maximize her utility, and the Transmute class skill synergizes well with Ingrid's high resistance. Mastering Valkyrie for Uncanny Blow can be very appealing since her Reason spells tend to be inaccurate. Gremory sacrifices Canto, which is big, but allows Ingrid to fire off more Thorons, which can be used up quickly in other classes. Regardless of the route, be sure to master Mage for Fiendish Blow, as Ingrid's raw damage output is still not terribly impressive here, and she really needs to double enemies to reach her full potential.

After all of that, if Ingrid still does not earn a place in your army, you could always equip her as an adjutant for Felix or Sylvain for the damage boost. That's up to +12 damage for fist-focused Felix, or +6 damage on Sylvain's Swift Strikes.

Despite her early game hurdles, Ingrid is highly capable of a multitude of combat and support roles.


Ingrid will automatically be recruited if the player selects to teach the Blue Lions house.

Ingrid can be recruited once Byleth has achieved a stat of Dex 15 and Skill Rank D in Flying. These requirements can be lowered if Byleth builds support with Ingrid, as shown in the below table.

Support LevelStatSkill Rank
NoneDex 15Flying D
CDex 12Flying D
C+Dex 9Flying D
BDex 6Flying E+
B+Dex 3Flying E+
Mint Leaves


A new gambitGifts you'd like to receiveTell me about yourself
I'm counting on youThanks for everythingA word of advice
The existence of CrestsBooks you've read recentlyMonastery rules
CatsMonastery securityThe last battle
Our first meetingThe library's collectionCooking mishaps
The view from the bridgeDreamy knightsPast laughs
Equipment upkeepPerfect recipesWorking hours for guards
Plans for the futureWorking togetherExploring the monastery
You seem wellFavorite sweetsReliable allies
First crushesSchool daysYour ambitions
Shareable snacksFood for lifeSomeone you look up to

Final Comments

As a child, my father and brother used to yell at me for spending so much time with my horse.
I'm already thinking of my next meal…
It's warm around the monastery and the soil is rich… Honestly, I'm envious.
Being here calms my nerves… Oh! But I'll leave if I'm in your way.
I wonder what your favorite food is. Meat? Veggies? Fish, perhaps? Oh, or maybe sweets…
When did you start sword training? I was five when I began…
When I'm here, I feel like I can forget about fighting, even if just for a moment.
Would you like to have a meal with me? Though…it wasn't long ago that I ate.
Speaking with you helps me realize I can't hesitate in life!

Liked Gifts

Legend of Chivalry
Riding Boots
Smoked Meat

Disliked Gifts

Gemstone Beads
Stylish Hair Clip

Lost Items

Pegasus Horseshoes
Jousting Almanac
Curry Comb
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