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Combat Arts

General overview of combat arts in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Overview of Combat Arts

Combat arts return again in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Like the previous games, combat arts are learned by gaining experience in a certain weapon. Combat arts cost more weapon durability, and cannot double hit for the most part. In return, they can offer increased might, hit, and/or crit.

Most combat arts are tied to a certain weapon type, although there are some exceptions. Hence, combat arts can be divided into these categories.

Notes on Combat Arts

It is worth noting the following items regarding combat arts.

  • If a weapon does not have enough durability to sustain a combat art, then the combat art cannot be used.
  • Combat arts that increase might based on a certain stat will increase by a factor of 0.3x that stat. For example, Frozen Lance adds 0.3x the unit's Dex to the might of the attack. An exception to this is Vengeance, which directly adds might equal to missing HP.
  • All combat arts that grant Avoid as part of their effect also grants the same amount in Critical Avoid, for example Hit and Run.
  • Combat arts that are linked to Hero's Relics and Crests do not have a fixed durability cost, it depends on which kind of Crest the wielder has. A wielder bearing a Major crest will only use 3 durability, whereas a wielder bearing a Minor crest will use 4 durability. If playing on NG+ and given a Crest via the corresponding Crest Item, then the combat art will consume 5 durability.
  • Magic combat arts will use the physical hit rate formula when using a physical weapon (ex. Soulblade with Iron Sword), but the magic hit rate formula when using a magic weapon (ex. Soulblade with Levin Sword). The enemy's Avo will always be calculated using the Magic Avo formula. See the Combat Calculations page for more.

Sword Combat Arts

Combat arts that can only be used when wielding a sword.

List of Sword Combat Arts

Wrath Strike51013
GrounderEffective against Flying foes.320514
HexbladeDeals magic-based damage.71013
WindsweepPrevent enemy counter-attack.3201015
Haze SliceAvoid +30.215
SubdueLeaves foe with at least 1 HP.2013
Bane of MonstersEffective against Monster foes.61014
Finesse BladeAvoid +10. Might increases based on user's Dexterity.214
SoulbladeDeals magic-based damage. Might increases based on user's Resistance.21014
Foudroyant StrikeThunderbrand only. Effective against Armoured and Dragon foes.6303013
Beast FangBlutgang only. Effective against Cavalry and Dragon foes.103013
Ruptured HeavenSword of the Creator only. Might increases based on user's Magic, effective against Dragon foes.710101–23
Heaven's FallDark Creator Sword only. Might increases based on user's Magic.1010101–23
AssassinateAssassin only. Avoid +15, can kill enemies instantly.1515
AstraSwordmaster only. Triggers 5 consecutive hits at 30% Might.-1019
Sublime HeavenSublime Creator Sword only. Might increases based on user's Magic. Effective against Dragon foes.1010201–23
Sword DanceAvoid +20, Might increases based on user's Charm.112

Lance Combat Arts

Combat arts that can only be used when wielding a lance.

List of Lance Combat Arts

Tempest Lance81015
Shatter SlashAfter combat, inflicts Def -5 on foe for 1 turn.41013
KnightkneelerEffective against Cavalry foes.51514
Hit and RunAvoid +20. After combat, user moves 1 space backwards.41014
Monster PiercerAvoid +10. Effective against Monster foes.714
Lance JabMight increases based on user's Speed.31015
VengeanceDamage increases by 1 point for each missing HP on the user.21014
Glowing EmberAvoid +10. Might increases based on user's Defence.214
Swift StrikesTriggers 2 consecutive hits.214
Frozen LanceDeals magic-based damage. Might increases based on user's Dexterity.3514
Ruined SkyLance of Ruin only. Avoid +10. Effective against Flying and Dragon foes.13101013
AtrocityAreadbhar only. Effective against all foes.152014
Burning QuakeLúin only. Avoid +10. Might increases based on user's Speed. Effective against Dragon foes.82013
ParaseleneGreat Lord only. Avoid +10. After combat, user moves 1 space backwards.1013

Axe Combat Arts

Combat arts that can only be used when wielding a axe.

List of Axe Combat Arts

Helm SplitterEffective against Armoured foes.7515
Monster BreakerEffective against Monster foes.915
Diamond Axe14-2017
Exhaustive StrikeDepletes all of the weapon's remaining durability and adds 30% of that value to Might.31011
Armored StrikeMight increases based on user's Defence.31014
Wild Abandon10-303015
Focused Strike3013
Lightning AxeDeals magic-based damage. Might increases based on user's Resistance.413
Apocalyptic FlameFreikugel only. Inflicts Str -5 on foe for 1 turn. Effective against Dragon foes.152013
DustCrusher only. Inflicts Def -5 on foe for 1 turn. Effective against Dragon foes.2013
Raging StormAymr only. If attack lands, user can move again. Effective against Dragon foes.141013
Flickering FlowerEmperor only. Prevents foe from moving for 1 turn.10101013
War Master's StrikeWar Master only. Effective against all foes.33015

Bow Combat Arts

Combat arts that can only be used when wielding a bow.

List of Bow Combat Arts

Curved Shot1302–33
Heavy Draw81025
EncloserPrevents foe from moving for 1 turn.41523
Ward ArrowPrevents foe from using magic for 1 turn.41523
Point-Blank VolleyAvoid +10. Triggers 2 consecutive hits.31014
Monster BlastEffective against Monster foes.51024
Waning ShotAfter combat, inflicts Str -5 on foe for 1 turn.4102–33
Break ShotAfter combat, inflicts Def -5 on foe for 1 turn.452–33
Schism ShotAfter combat, inflicts Res -5 on foe for 1 turn.4152–33
Fallen StarFailnaught only. Avoids all attacks during the next round of combat. Effective against Dragon foes.1030102–33
Hunter's VolleySniper only. Triggers 2 consecutive hits.115102–35
Wind GodBarbarossa only.5202–53

Brawl Combat Arts

Combat arts that can only be used when brawling with gauntlets.

List of Brawl Combat Arts

Draining BlowRestores HP equal to 50% of the damage inflicted to the enemy.52013
Mighty Blow10-52013
BombardTriggers 2 consecutive hits.31013
Rushing BlowAvoid +10. after combat, user moves 1 space in front of the enemy.72013
Fading BlowAvoid +30. after combat, user moves 1 space backwards.61013
Mystic BlowDeals magic-based damage.101013
Nimble ComboAvoid +20. Triggers 2 consecutive hits.413
One-Two PunchEffectively set's the attacker's AS to be 4 or more than the target's. Will always double attack, and makes it impossible for the enemy to double attack on the counter.82014
Monster CrusherEffective against Monster foes.13101014
Fierce Iron FistGrappler only. Triggers 3 consecutive hits.11015
EviscerateVajra-Mushti only. Calculates damage using the lower of foe's Def or Res.10101013
Pneuma GaleMagic attack. Can attack from long range. Exclusive to the War Monk class.7101–23

Other Combat Arts

Combat arts that are not tied to any weapons.

List of Other Combat Arts

Healing FocusRestores 50% of the user's HP.
SwapUser swaps places with the enemy.1
ShoveUser pushes ally forward 1 space.1
RepositionUser moves ally to the space behind the user.1
Draw BackUser moves 1 space backwards and ally is moved to where the user was previously.1
SmiteUser pushes ally forward 2 spaces.1
Triangle AttackCan only be triggered when 3 allied Flying units (including the user) are adjacent to the same enemy.8304013
Foul PlayUnit swaps positions with an ally in range. Exclusive to the Trickster class.1–5

Combat Art Availability

Which units learn which combat arts.

Combat Art Availability

The table below lists all combat arts and which units can learn them. Use the filters and the search bar to look for specific combat art types or units.

No Weapon
IconCombat ArtAvailability
SunderSunderSword Rank C+ for Dimitri, Felix, Ferdinand
Wrath StrikeWrath StrikeSword Rank D for all units
GrounderGrounderSword Rank C for all units
HexbladeHexbladeSword Rank C+ for Dorothea, Manuela (already learned at base); Sword Rank A for Edelgard, Ingrid, Anna, Constance
WindsweepWindsweepSword Rank C+ for Yuri; Sword Rank A for Jeritza, Dimitri, Byleth
Haze SliceHaze SliceSword Rank C+ for Edelgard, Ignatz, Seteth, Jeritza
SubdueSubdueMaster Lord
Bane of MonstersBane of MonstersSword Rank C+ for Byleth, Petra, Claude, Catherine, Balthus
Finesse BladeFinesse BladeSword Rank A for Felix, Claude, Catherine, Yuri, Petra
SoulbladeSoulbladeSword Rank C+ for Marianne, Constance, Anna; Budding talent for Lysithea
Foudroyant StrikeFoudroyant StrikeThunderbrand with Crest of Charon
Beast FangBeast FangBlutgang with Crest of the Beast
Ruptured HeavenRuptured HeavenSword of the Creator with Crest of Flames
Heaven's FallHeaven's FallEnemy only
AssassinateAssassinateMaster Assassin
AstraAstraMaster Swordmaster
Sublime HeavenSublime HeavenSublime Creator Sword with Crest of Flames
Sword DanceSword DanceWin the White Heron Cup
Tempest LanceTempest LanceLance Rank D for all units
Shatter SlashShatter SlashLance Rank C+ for Ferdinand, Hilda, Jeritza, Gilbert; Budding talent for Ashe
KnightkneelerKnightkneelerLance Rank C for all units
Hit and RunHit and RunLance Rank C+ for Ingrid, Flayn, Shamir
Monster PiercerMonster PiercerLance Rank C+ for Dimitri, Sylvain, Leonie, Seteth
Lance JabLance JabLance Rank A for Leonie, Cyril, Shamir
VengeanceVengeanceLance Rank C+ for Bernadetta, Dedue, Cyril
Glowing EmberGlowing EmberLance Rank A for Dimitri, Gilbert, Jeritza
Swift StrikesSwift StrikesLance Rank A for Ferdinand, Sylvain, Seteth
Frozen LanceFrozen LanceLance Rank C+ for Lorenz; Lance Rank A for Ingrid, Flayn; Budding talent for Marianne, Hubert
Ruined SkyRuined SkyLance of Ruin with Crest of Gautier
AtrocityAtrocityAreadbhar with Crest of Blaiddyd
Burning QuakeBurning QuakeLúin with Crest of Daphnel
ParaseleneParaseleneMaster Great Lord
SmashSmashAxe Rank D for all units
SpikeSpikeAxe Rank C+ for Sylvain, Hilda, Alois, Gilbert, Anna
Helm SplitterHelm SplitterAxe Rank C for all units
Monster BreakerMonster BreakerAxe Rank C+ for Edelgard, Dedue, Cyril
Diamond AxeDiamond AxeAxe Rank C+ for Balthus; Axe Rank A for Hilda, Seteth, Petra; Budding talent for Claude
Exhaustive StrikeExhaustive StrikeAxe Rank A for Caspar, Alois; Budding talent for Hapi
Armored StrikeArmored StrikeAxe Rank A for Ferdinand, Dedue, Cyril, Anna, Balthus
Wild AbandonWild AbandonAxe Rank C+ for Caspar, Petra, Raphael
Focused StrikeFocused StrikeAxe Rank C+ for Ferdinand, Ashe, Seteth
Lightning AxeLightning AxeAxe Rank C+ for Annette; Axe Rank A for Sylvain, Edelgard
Apocalyptic FlameApocalyptic FlameFreikugel with Crest of Goneril
DustDustCrusher with Crest of Dominic
Raging StormRaging StormAymr with Crest of Seiros
Flickering FlowerFlickering FlowerMaster Emperor
War Master's StrikeWar Master's StrikeMaster War Master
Curved ShotCurved ShotBow Rank D for any unit
DeadeyeDeadeyeBow Rank C+ for Ashe, Bernadetta; Budding talent for Yuri
Heavy DrawHeavy DrawBow Rank C+ for Shamir, Hubert, Felix
EncloserEncloserBow rank A for Claude, Bernadetta
Ward ArrowWard ArrowBow Rank A for Ignatz, Hanneman
Point-Blank VolleyPoint-Blank VolleyBow Rank C+ for Cyril; Bow Rank A for Leonie
Monster BlastMonster BlastBow Rank C+ for Claude, Shamir
Waning ShotWaning ShotBow Rank C+ for Petra; Bow Rank A for Ashe; Budding talent for Mercedes
Break ShotBreak ShotBow Rank C+ for Ignatz, Leonie, Anna
Schism ShotSchism ShotBow Rank C+ for Hanneman; Bow Rank A for Hubert
Fallen StarFallen StarFailnaught with Crest of Riegan
Hunter's VolleyHunter's VolleyMaster Sniper
Wind GodWind GodMaster Barbarossa
Draining BlowDraining BlowBrawling Rank C+ for Balthus, Byleth; Brawling Rank A for Raphael
Mighty BlowMighty BlowBrawling Rank A for Caspar, Dedue, Alois, Balthus
BombardBombardBrawling Rank C+ for Caspar; Brawling Rank A for Catherine
Rushing BlowRushing BlowBrawling Rank C for all units
Fading BlowFading BlowBrawling Rank D for all units
Mystic BlowMystic BlowBrawling Rank A for Byleth, Felix; Budding talent for Constance
Nimble ComboNimble ComboBrawling Rank C+ for Felix, Catherine, Jeritza
One-Two PunchOne-Two PunchBrawling Rank C+ for Dedue, Alois
Monster CrusherMonster CrusherBrawling Rank C+ for Raphael
Fierce Iron FistFierce Iron FistMaster Grappler
EviscerateEviscerateVajra-Mushti with Crest of Chevalier
Pneuma GalePneuma GaleMaster War Monk or War Cleric
Healing FocusHealing FocusBrawling Rank B for all units
SwapSwapMaster Myrmidon
ShoveShoveMaster Fighter
RepositionRepositionMaster Soldier
Draw BackDraw BackMaster Monk
SmiteSmiteHeavy Armor Rank B for all units
Triangle AttackTriangle AttackMaster Pegasus Knight
Foul PlayFoul PlayMaster Trickster
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