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Greenhouse Guide

The greenhouse allows the player to grow crops, often with some unexpected surprises in the yield.


The Garreg Mach greenhouse is located right next to the fishing pond, in the bottom left corner of the map. In order to unlock the greenhouse, the player must accept the quest from Dedue in the first month of the game. Once you plant his seeds with the Greenhouse Keeper, you will be able to use the greenhouse every explore phase until the end of the game.

Guide Contents

Gardening Basics

How to plant, cultivate, and harvest seeds.

Gardening 101

Like most things in Fire Emblem, gardening at the greenhouse has a whole lot of complexity hidden behind its plain and simple interface. The steps are simple. Whenever you choose to explore on a free day, you can make your way to the greenhouse and talk to the Greenhouse Keeper. You will then be presented with the following options:

  • Offering some seeds
  • Cultivating your crops
  • Harvesting previously planted seeds

Seeds offered to the Greenhouse Keeper will be ready to harvest on the next explore phase. You can also cultivate your crops by spending some gold. The number of seeds and cultivation methods available depends on your professor level.

LevelCultivation MethodMax Seeds Offered
EInfuse with magic (free)1
E+Airmid water (300g)1
DPrune (500g)2
CScatter bonemeal (1000g)3
BCaledonian soil (1500g)4
APegasus blessings (2000g)5

The type and number of seeds, as well as the cultivation method will affect your yield, although the game doesn't explain how these things work at all. And to be honest, you don't really need to know the specifics to get the benefits from gardening.

Acquiring Seeds

The most consistent way of getting seeds is to buy flowering seeds from the western merchant. The western merchant (along with the eastern merchant) can be unlocked by completing the Chapter 5 quest "Clearing the Way".

Seeds are scattered randomly all over Garreg Mach, but the most common places to find them are inside the greenhouse and around the Amiibo Gazebo. You can also look around the merchants area in the marketplace, where there will sometimes be vegetable and fruit seeds.

Finally, you can get more seeds during the harvest of your crops.

Harvest Yield

What the game doesn't tell you about planting seeds and cultivating.

Item Amount in Harvest

The number of items received in the harvest depends on the cultivation method, as well as the number of seeds planted. By default, with only 1 seed planted and no cultivation, you can expect 5—6 items. Using the free "Infuse with Magic" cultivation method will guarantee a base of 6 items.

From here, with each cultivation level you go up (there are 5 total), you are guaranteed to get one extra item. So, if you cultivate with pegasus blessings and plant one seed, you will receive 6+5=11 items. Similarly, with each extra seed you plant, you will also receive one extra item. Therefore, if you cultivate with pegasus blessings and plant five seeds, you will receive 6+5+4=15 items.

Furthermore, you will be able to occasionally get stat boosters in your harvest (more details below). Stat boosters count as a "bonus", so you can potentially receive 15 items along with a stat booster, totalling to 16 items received.

Finally, there will be occasional "Blessing of the Land" events on the calendar. This event grants an additional five items. Hence, the maximum number of items you can receive in one harvest is 21: if you planted five seeds, cultivated with pegasus blessings, got a stat booster, and planted during a "Blessing of the Land" event.

Obtainable Items and Predicted Yield

Predicted Yield is shown in the game as a little plant icon with either one, two, or three stalks (

). Oddly enough, the predicted yield has no effect on the number of items you can harvest. Rather, it affects the type and overall quality of the items. For the most part, the higher the predicted yield level, the more desirable the items.

Internally, the game's code categorizes each possible yield item as "bad" or "good". To go along with this, the yield level can also be either good or bad. Hence, there are actually 6 different levels of yield: (

, good), (
, bad), (
, good), (
, bad), (
, good), and (
, bad).

No matter which good/bad level you are in, you still have a chance of getting any of the items for the yield level. Of course, if you are in the yield level of (2, good), you are more likely to get the good items from yield level 2 than the bad.

The following table shows which "good" and "bad" items are available at each yield level.

Calculating Predicted Yield

The predicted yield formula has been released as part of the Famitsu Three Houses Guidebook. The calculations are long-winded and needlessly complex, and I've decided to not include them in this guide to save you some pointless reading. The predicted yield doesn't matter too much, and you'll almost always get at least

if you use a decent cultivation method.

If you want to read about it, the folks over at Serene's Forest have kindly transcribed the formula in this guide (click the "Calculations" tab).

Stat Boosters

When the stars align, certain seeds can yield basic stat boosters.

Harvesting Stat Boosters

Certain higher grade seeds can yield stat boosters. I am not currently aware of any datamined stats regarding how often they appear, but it appears that the higher the predicted yield, the more likely stat boosters are to appear. It is definitely possible to harvest stat boosters even with

predicted yield.

The game has a guard in place to stop people from save-scumming for greenhouse stat boosters. Regular harvest items are determined whenever you choose the "Harvest" option when you talk the Greenhouse Keeper; hence if you don't like what you get you can reset and try again. However, it seems that whether or not a stat booster will appear is determined the moment you offer the seeds, making it impossible to save-scum.

How to Obtain

The seeds that can yield stat boosters are listed below. These seeds can produce their respective stat booster at any predicted yield level, with any cultivation method. A higher predicted yield level and cultivation level will make it more likely to appear during harvest.

Stat BoosterPossible Seeds
Fruit of Life (HP +1)Western Fodlan Seeds, Blue Flower Seeds
Rocky Burdock (Str +1)Mixed Herb Seeds, Angelica Seeds, Purple Flower Seeds
Premium Magic Herbs (Mag +1)Southern Fodlan Seeds, Yellow Flower Seeds
Ailell Pomegranate (Dex +1)Morfis-Plum Seeds, Morfis Seeds, Green Flower Seeds
Speed Carrot (Spd +1)Nordsalat Seeds, Pale-Blue Flower Seeds
Miracle Bean (Lck +1)Boa-Fruit Seeds, Mixed Fruit Seeds
Ambrosia (Def +1)Root Vegetable Seeds, Eastern Fodlan Seeds
White Verona (Res +1)Vegetable Seeds, Red Flower Seeds
Golden Apple (Cha +1)Northern Fodlan Seeds, Albinean Seeds, White Flower Seeds
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