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Terrain Guide

The tiles are not all the same.


Terrain is introduced in the early stages of the prologue, where Jeralt tells you to camp in a bush because it gives defensive cover. In typically useless Fire Emblem prologue fashion, he fails to mention exactly how much cover it will give, and also that entering a forest tile will hamper your units' movement. This guide will cover all of the terrain stat benefits and movement penalties.

Guide Contents

This page contains the following information.

Terrain Bonuses

A list of all terrain that give bonuses for being on them.

List of Terrain Bonuses

Fliers will not receive any of these bonuses unless they dismount, except for HP recovery.

This list is probably unfinished. If you know the terrain bonuses for a terrain type that isn't listed here, please suggest an edit for this page.

Forest30 Avo, 1 Def
Thicket (Forest)40 Avo, 2 Def
Thicket (Town)20 Avo, 1 Def
Heal Tile1 Def, 1 Res, +30% HP
Stronghold30 Avo, 2 Def, 2 Res, +30% HP
Throne40 Avo, 5 Def, 5 Res, +30% HP
Crater1 Def, -20% Avo, -20% HP
Swamp-1 Def, -10% HP
Sand/Beach-20 Avo, -2 Def
Avo Tile40 Avo
Cover2 Def
Wardwood2 Res
Floor Trap-20% HP

Movement Penalty

Terrain penalty per class type.

Movement Penalty

Classes can be categorized into the following movement types.

  • Fliers - mounted on Pegasus, Falcon, or Wyvern
  • Cavalry - mounted on a horse
  • Magelike - Mage, Dark Mage, Priest, Warlock, Dark Bishop, Bishop, Gremory, War Monk/Cleric
  • Thieflike - Thief, Brawler, Assassin, Grappler, Trickster
  • Infantry - everything else, also includes mounted units that are dismounted (even classes like Dark Flier are classified as Infantry when dismounted)

Different types of terrain will cost differing amounts of movement depending on the class type. A unit can only move to a tile if they have enough remaining movement to cover the full movement cost. Mounted fliers can move at 1 movement cost on every type of terrain, except for the untraversable ones (chests, walls, etc.). The table below lists the movement costs for all terrain and all class types. Anything not listed can only be traversed by fliers.

Regular (floors, grassland, bridge, etc.)1111
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