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Brave Bow

The wielded of this bow is emboldened and will attack twice when initiating combat.


Game Data

Brave Bow costs 2x Wootz Steel and 1110g to repair.


Forged Brave Bow+

A reinforced brave bow that lets the wielder attack twice when initiating combat.

Game Data

Brave Bow+ costs 6x Wootz Steel and 1330g to forge. Brave Bow+ costs 3x Wootz Steel and 1665g to repair.

B40 +1011 +180 +100212 -1

Forge From

Brave Bow can be forged from these weapons.

List of Forge From Options

NameMaterialsProf. LevelCost
Rusted Bow2x Wootz SteelB+890g
Silver Bow4x Wootz SteelB+890g
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