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A lance specifically for combat against mounted foes.


Game Data

Horseslayer costs 3x Smithing Stone and 825g to repair.



You can obtain the Horseslayer in the following ways.

  • Chapter 8 bottom chest
  • Marketplace (x3) starting from Chapter 8
  • Dropped by enemy Paladin in Anna's paralogue "The Secret Merchant"


The Horseslayer can be a useful weapon to take down enemy Cavalry, though it is very heavy. Because of that, it is often best used with Swift Strikes or another strong combat art such as Vengeance. It can be useful for taking down the Death Knight in Chapter 8, but he may end up guarding the chest, though you can buy one beforehand.

Forged Horseslayer+

An equine nightmare, this refined horseslayer is effective against cavalry units.

Game Data

Horseslayer+ costs 10x Smithing Stone and 990g to forge. Horseslayer+ costs 5x Smithing Stone and 1237g to repair.

D25 +5890 +205 +5113
Three HousesThree Houses