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Iron Lance

A standard lance made of iron - simple but effective.


Game Data

Iron Lance costs 2x Smithing Stone and 280g to repair.



You can obtain the Iron Lance in the following ways.

  • Marketplace


A very standard weapon, you will find use with it for most of the game due to its well-rounded stats. Tempest Lance is an effective combat art to use with it due to the massive Mt boost it gives, but Steel Lances are better for that purpose.

Forged Iron Lance+

Reinforced in the forge's flames, this iron lance shines with a new brilliance.

Game Data

Iron Lance+ costs 6x Smithing Stone and 340g to forge. Iron Lance+ costs 3x Smithing Stone and 420g to repair.

E35 +57 +190 +10016

Other Forging Options

Iron Lance can also be forged into these weapons.

List of Other Forging Options

NameMaterialsProf. LevelCost
Steel Lance6x Smithing StoneD+360g
Killer Lance2x Black-Sand SteelC+670g
Venin Lance2x VenomstoneC+2000g

Forge From

Iron Lance can be forged from these weapons.

List of Forge From Options

NameMaterialsProf. LevelCost
Rusted Lance2x Smithing StoneE+220g
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