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Devil Sword

An unholy sword that inflicts 10 damage on the wielder after combat.


Game Data

Devil Sword costs 1x Agarthium and 650g to repair.



You can obtain the Devil Sword in the following ways.

  • Dropped by the left enemy Thief in Lorenz's paralogue "Land of the Golden Deer"


Like the Cursed Ashiya Sword, the Devil Sword is rather strong but will hurt the wielder after combat though the user will not die from this damage. It can be useful for pushing units in Vantage/Wrath or Defiant range, should they need to.

Forged Devil Sword+

A reinforced devil sword that inflicts 10 damage on the wielded after combat.

Game Data

Devil Sword+ costs 4x Agarthium and 780g to forge. Devil Sword+ costs 2x Agarthium and 975g to repair.

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