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Wo Dao

A beautiful, distinct sword with a high critical hit rate, said to have been forged in an eastern land.


Game Data

Wo Dao costs 3x Black-Sand Steel and 1350g to repair.



You can obtain the Wo Dao in the following ways.

  • Dropped by enemy Swordmaster in Chapter 18AM/18SS/19VW
  • Obtained after completing Felix's paralogue "True Chivalry" if 3 or 4 villagers survive
  • Forge Killing Edge


The Wo Dao is the go-to weapon for any sword user, boasting low Wt, high Hit/Crit, and good Mt. It is also extremely strong for Vantage/Wrath builds and the (sadly terrible) Astra combat art.

Forged Wo Dao+

This reinforced wo dao has a high critical-hit rate and it perfectly crafted to swiftly kill foes.

Game Data

Wo Dao+ costs 10x Black-Sand Steel and 1620g to forge. Wo Dao+ costs 5x Black-Sand Steel and 2025g to repair.

B25 +109 +19040 +1015

Forge From

Wo Dao can be forged from these weapons.

List of Forge From Options

NameMaterialsProf. LevelCost
Killing Edge6x Black-Sand SteelB+1080g
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