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Valley of Torment

Verdant Wind, Chapter 15

Mission Overview

The monthly mission for Verdant Wind, Chapter 15 is Ambush at Aielell. Note: the following data is for Maddening mode, Normal/Hard mode may differ.


Victory ConditionDefeat Condition
Defeat GwendalByleth or Claude dies or the player's army is routed

Initial Units



This data has not been recorded yet.


  • Beginning of turn 6: (NPC) Judith spawns in the top right.
  • Beginning of turn 6 (Maddening only): 1 Great Knight, 2 Paladins spawn near the top.
  • After reaching the left area of the map, every second turn (Hard/Maddening only): 2 Paladins, 1 Fortress Knight, 1 Sniper will spawn near Gwendal.

Obtainable Items

ConcoctionDropped by enemy Fortress Knight.
Chest KeyDropped by enemy Sniper.
Killer BowDropped by Ashe.
Bolt AxeRight chest.
Silver ShieldLeft chest.
Energy DropSpeak to Judith with Claude.
Master SealSteal from Ashe.
Lampos ShieldSteal from Gwendal.


  • Gwendal begins moving if the units near him are aggro'd, or if both Armored Knights in the top portion of the map are defeated.
  • If Ashe was previously recruited, you can recruit him again by defeating him and choosing the "Persuade" option.

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