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Conclusion of the Crossing Roads

Verdant Wind, Chapter 20

Mission Overview

The monthly mission for Verdant Wind, Chapter 20 is Confrontation at the Palace. Note: the following data is for Maddening mode, Normal/Hard mode may differ.


Victory ConditionDefeat Condition
Defeat EdelgardByleth or Claude dies or the player's army is routed

Initial Units



This data has not been recorded yet.


  • On turn 3: (NPC) Dedue spawns from the top right entrance to the throne room.
  • At the start of the enemy phase of turn 3: 1 Hero spawns in the top right room.
  • Every two turns after entering the throne room: 1 Warrior and 1 Warlock spawn from the top right and top left stairs. This can be stopped by placing a unit on the stairs.

Obtainable Items

Door Key x3Dropped by enemy Grappler, Dorothea, and Petra.
TalismanDropped by enemy Gremory.
Giant ShellBottom right chest.
Kadmos ShieldBottom left chest.
Silver GauntletsTop chest.
Vulnerary x3Steal from Dorothea, Petra, and Edelgard.


  • A Ballista and Fire Orb are under the enemy's control.
  • Petra and Dorothea are replaced by generic class equivalents if they were recruited.
  • Petra starts moving on turn 2.
  • Edelgard does not move.

Three HousesThree Houses