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The City Without Light

Verdant Wind, Chapter 21

Mission Overview

The monthly mission for Verdant Wind, Chapter 21 is Stand Strong at Shambhala. Note: the following data is for Maddening mode, Normal/Hard mode may differ.


Victory ConditionDefeat Condition
Defeat ThalesByleth or Claude dies or the player's army is routed

Initial Units



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  • Every other turn after the Viskam are activated: 1 Titanus spawns near the broken wall in the bottom part of the map. This will stop when Bias is defeated; she is located in the top left hidden room.
  • Turn 10: 1 Assassin spawns to the left of the central building, 1 Assassin spawns to the right of the central building.

Obtainable Items

Door Key x4Dropped by various enemies.
Sword of ZoltanTop chest.
Bow of ZoltanBottom chest.


  • When any player unit passes the first layer of wall, the pair of Viskam will activate. They are deactivated after defeating Pittacus.
  • Bias and Pittacus are hidden in the top left and bottom right rooms. Defeating them will stop the Titanus reinforcements and Viskam.
  • Bias, Pittacus, Myson, and Chilon do not move.
  • Thales does not move.
  • The Assassin reinforcements will prioritize going for the chests, then escaping through the top left area.
  • When you open the central room, Thales will be revealed. He can use the Quake spell to damage all of your units, so it may be a good idea to open the door and defeat him on the same turn.
  • There are two sets of Cyrillic letters in Shambhala that roughly translate to actual Russian words. The first is "СВЕТИТЬСЯ СВАЯ" and translates to "Light Pole" (perhaps referencing the Javelins of Light). The second is "ЗАКРЫТЫЙ ГОРОД" and translates to "Secret City".

Three HousesThree Houses