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Caspar von Bergliez

Black Eagles

Caspar von Bergliez


Caspar is a Black Eagles student at the Officers Academy, hailing from the County of Bergliez in the Adrestian Empire. He is hotheaded and has a strong sense of justice, frequently getting into fights. He is an honest man who hates lies and unfair treatment, but at times is inconsiderate of others' feelings.


Blue Sea Moon 1
Imperial Year 1163
  • Training
  • Early mornings
  • Quick breakfasts

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Game Data

Growth rates, starting skills, and more.

Base Stats (Level 1 Noble)


Variable Recruitment Base Stats

Growth Rates




Learned Magic

Skill LevelReasonFaith

Personal Ability

Caspar's personal ability is Born Fighter.

Learned Abilities

IconAbilitySkillSkill Icon
authorityBattalion WrathAuthority Cauthority

Learned Combat Arts

IconAbilitySkillSkill Icon
Wild AbandonWild AbandonAxe C+axe
Exhaustive StrikeExhaustive StrikeAxe Aaxe
BombardBombardBrawl C+brawl
Mighty BlowMighty BlowBrawl Abrawl


Caspar's paralogue is The Face Beneath.


This analysis was written by Dorflord.

While Caspar is not generally viewed as an amazing unit, he has a lot of viable possibilities, most notably as a War Master or Wyvern Lord.

His strength growth, while not on par with the lords or some of the more powerful characters, matches Byleth's at 45%, and his initial 55% HP growth helps him stay alive. Other than that, his stat growths are not otherwise especially remarkable. His defense and resistance growths in particular hold him back from being a real tank, and his low charm growth means he won't have good accuracy with Gambits. He has no crest or relic to speak of, but his personal ability, Born Fighter, makes adjacent enemies lose 10 avoid. This helps him make sure to hit opponents when he is up close (which is most of the time) and is especially useful when using less accurate Axe weapons. It can also be used to increase an ally's hit rate by standing next to their target.

Caspar has proficiencies in Axes and Brawling, which are generally his most common methods of attacking. Brawling is generally more accurate and will deal more damage when Caspar's strength is high compared to the opponents defense, but Axes are useful for becoming a Wyvern Lord or for dealing lots of damage with a single hit. Unfortunately, these are his only proficiencies and he has no budding talents. His Reason deficiency doesn't sting too badly considering he also has a horrible spell list and magic stat, but his Authority deficiency is a nuisance when trying to equip him with a highly ranked battalion and his Bow deficiency discourages any kind of bow-wielding classes for Caspar. All other skill levels are neutral for him, meaning making him a flier or horse-mounted unit or using other weapon types is a viable possibility for him.

Assuming Caspar is using Gauntlets or Axes, it is best to make him a Fighter for his beginner class in order to get boosts to his skill levels and strength growth. After that, it is easy enough to get him to a minimum of D+ in Axes in order to certify for Brigand by level 10 . Even if he isn't using Axes, his Axe proficiency and starting D rank in Axes make it easy to get. He should, in essentially all cases, master Brigand in order to learn Death Blow. He can also master other intermediate classes like Archer and Armored Knight for Hit +20 or Armored Blow respectively, but while these can be nice to have they are not super important for Caspar. If Wyvern is the desired path, be sure to train Caspar in Flying so that he can certify for Wyvern Rider by the time he gets to level 20. If you plan to make him a War Master, Grappler and Warrior are both viable options for an advanced class depending on which weapon you have him favor. Neither has a particularly useful mastery, so even in this case it may be beneficial to have him master the Wyvern Rider class in order to learn Seal Defense, which can be useful for breaking down monsters or bulky units that require multiple attacks to kill. Grappler's mastery combat art, Fierce Iron Fist, is a powerful combat art, allowing Caspar to hit three times in a row, but is not usable outside of the Grappler class. Grappler's mastery ability, Tomebreaker, is not particularly great either since Caspar does not usually have a problem killing magic-users, but it can still be useful in some situations. Warrior's mastery ability, Wrath, grants Caspar +50 crit on enemy phase, but is risky to use considering it requires Caspar to be at low health.

The War Master's ability Crit +20 allows Caspar to make a great crit build. Caspar has access to Smash early on, which grants him another +20 crit, as well as Mighty Blow at A rank in Brawling which is another Combat Art which grants +20 crit if he chooses to favor Gauntlets instead of Axes. Wild Abandon is another Axe combat art that Caspar learns at C+ which grants an even higher +30 crit, but has very unreliable accuracy despite Caspar's personal ability. Caspar also learns Bombard at C+ in Brawling, which increases the critical hit rate by 10 and hits twice. If Caspar has a Killer Axe+, a Critical Ring, and a battalion with a good crit rate (Since he has an authority deficiency Jeralt's Mercenaries is as good a choice as any as it grants him +10 crit at max level and is available without any investment in authority, but if you really want to optimize the crit rate you can give him Fraldarius soldiers which gives him +20 crit but requires B rank in authority and completion of Felix's paralogue), Caspar's crit rate rises to a consistent level. In the most optimized scenario, if Caspar is a War Master equipped with the Axe Crit +10 ability learned by attaining an S rank in Axes, a Critical Ring, Fraldarius Soldiers, and uses Smash with a Killer Axe+, his crit rate is 110 before even factoring in his dex and luck stat. Considering his decent dex and luck growth rates, he can deal monstrous amounts of damage as long as the enemy doesn't have a super high luck stat or a lot of Crit Avoid modifiers. Even under non-optimal situations (for example not using Smash since consuming 5 durability on the Killer Axe+ every turn necessitates frequent repairs), he can still come to have a pretty good chance of getting a critical hit and dealing tons of damage. However, the strategy is still RNG reliant and therefore inconsistent. Caspar's strength stat, while increased to a growth rate of 60 when classed as a War Master, is not usually amazing, meaning that without a critical hit Caspar simply isn't dealing enough damage.

If this strategy is not used, War Master is still good for Caspar as it grants him a good strength growth and allows him to use Quick Riposte, making sure he always doubles on defense as long as he stays healthy, as well as War Master's Strike, which does effective damage against all foes.

Alternatively, Caspar can remain as a Grappler in order to keep using Fierce Iron Fist. In this scenario, mastering War Master for Quick Riposte should still be considered. Caspar can also be a Wyvern Lord, which may be preferable due to the increased mobility and ability to move directly over obstacles on the map, as well as the ability to Canto out of enemy attack ranges. More unconventional Caspar strategies can be used with enough extra attention put in, just as with any character, though the ones listed above are generally the most effective without special attention.

If not playing Black Eagles, Caspar is one of the more difficult characters to recruit since his B Support scene is not available until after the midpoint of the game. Therefore, Byleth will need to get a Brawling skill level of at least D+ in order to recruit him if their support level is at C+ (if it says you need to wait to deepen the bond to get B support, you are good to go).

Caspar can be a pretty average unit overall depending on how he is used, but, like any unit in Three Houses, he can also be made to excel.


Caspar will automatically be recruited if the player selects to teach the Black Eagles house.

Caspar can be recruited once Byleth has achieved a stat of Str 10 and Skill Rank C in Brawl. These requirements can be lowered if Byleth builds support with Caspar, as shown in the below table.

Support LevelStatSkill Rank
NoneStr 10Brawl C
CStr 8Brawl C
C+Str 6Brawl D+
BStr 4Brawl D
B+Str 2Brawl E+
Ginger Tea


A dinner invitationGardening mishapsSomeone you look up to
Hopes for your futureStrange fish in the pondA place you'd like to visit
Tell me about yourselfA strong battalionMethods for growing taller
A word of adviceMighty weaponsThe last battle
Our first meetingThe view from the bridgeChildren at the market
Things that bother youClasses you might enjoyPast laughs
Close callsPerfect recipesWorking together
Plans for the futureYou seem wellDreamy knights
You're doing great workEquipment upkeepRelaxing at the sauna
Exploring the monasterySchool daysFood in the dining hall

Final Comments

Hey, are you getting hungry?
I'm gonna keep training until I can beat you!
I just wanna go wild and let it all out! Come on, Professor, send me out front in our next battle!
I usually don't get hung up on things, but when I do, I feel stuck!
What is justice really? I'm not so sure I know anymore...
Who was that guy? You don't know who I'm talking about? The suspicious guy who killed himself!
They say hard work pays off, but I don't think that's always true. Either way, I'm gonna keep trying!
I really love fighting alongside you. I can always count on your commands to get us through!
I'm always gonna do things my way. If there's a wall blocking my path, I'll punch a hole right through it!

Liked Gifts

Smoked Meat
Training Weight
Hunting Dagger

Disliked Gifts

Fishing Float
Floral Adornment
Stylish Hair Clip

Lost Items

Thunderbrand Replica
Tattered Overcoat
Grounding Charm
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