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Professor Experience Guide

Byleth can level up as a professor to be more effective when exploring the monastery.


Byleth starts out at professor level E, and can eventually work their way up to A+. As their professor level increases, they will gain additional activity points, battle points, and more. Most of the activities around the monastery will increase your professor points to some degree. Similarly to support points, you will usually gain more experience when doing activities with students who also enjoy it.

Guide Contents

Thresholds and Rewards

How much experience you need to reach the next professor level, and what you get for it.

Professor Experience Thresholds

The following table lists the amount of experience needed to climb through the different professor levels.

Prof. LevelTotal ExpDelta


As your professor level increases, you will gain more activity points (AP), battle points (BP), lecture points (LP), monthly funds, and assignable adjutants (Adj). You will also gain extra cultivation methods at the green house as well as be able to plant more seeds, that information is available in the Greenhouse guide. The table below lists the increasing rewards as you rise in professor level.


Experience by Activity

The amount of experience gained for each activity.


The following monastery activities will earn you professor experience.

Sharing a Meal

The amount of experience you get for sharing a meal with others depends on how much they enjoy the meal.

EnjoymentExp. Gained
Like + Like200
Like + Neutral150
Like + Dislike125
Neutral + Neutral100
Neutral + Dislike75
Dislike + Dislike50

If there is a dining hall event and you eat with two people who are affected by the event (the little orange arrow), then you will get a general boost to professor experience, listed below. If only one or none of the two are affected, then the values remain the same as above.

EnjoymentExp. Gained
Like + Like200
Like + Neutral200
Like + Dislike150
Neutral + Neutral200
Neutral + Dislike150
Dislike + Dislike100

Cooking Together

The amount of experience you get for cooking with a student depends on how much that student enjoys cooking.

EnjoymentExp. Gained


The amount of experience gained from each harvest depends on the grade (stars) of the seeds planted. The experience will always be equal to 100 times the number of stars of the lowest grade seed. For example, planting the flower seeds to harvest stat boosters will yield 300 professor experience upon harvest.

Choir Practice

The amount of experience gained from choir practice depends on how much the two characters you choose enjoy singing. The days with choir events that randomly choose two recruited units to sing seem to yield the same amount of professor experience.

These values are identical to that of Sharing a Meal.

EnjoymentExp. Gained
Like + Like200
Like + Neutral150
Like + Dislike125
Neutral + Neutral100
Neutral + Dislike75
Dislike + Dislike50


The amount of experience gained from fishing depends on the type of fish you catch. The following values are for each fish caught, since there are certain events that let you catch multiple per bait. Note that scoring a "Perfect" in the minigame will bump up your fish quality by one grade, so it will indirectly result in more experience.

Exp. GainedFish
10Teutates Loach, Albinean Herring, White Trout, Airmid Goby, Caledonian Crayfish, Carassius (Flayn quest only)
20Queen Loach, Airmid Pike, Caledonian Gar
30Bullhead, Golden Fish, Teutates Pike
40Platinum Fish, Fódlandy
50Ancient Fódlan
100Goddess Messenger


Winning a tournament will yield 300 professor experience. Losing a tournament (either through forfeiting or being defeated) will yield 100 professor experience.

Lecture Questions (WIP)

Correctly answering a lecture question (first Monday of each month) will yield 600 professor experience on Maddening mode. The Lectures guide has a fairly comprehensive list of the questions and their answers. This seems to be the only activity that differs between the modes.

Experience Books

Special items on the ground that give professor experience.

List of Experience Books

The experience books are always located in set locations depends on the chapter. I think that the amount of experience rewarded for each book increases throughout the chapters, but I am currently testing this. This page will be updated as I continue my playthrough. The experience given seems to be consistent across the difficulty modes.

All of the books in the Academy Phase are listed below, along with their experience gains (periodically updated).

2100Greenhouse (1), Fishing Pier (2)
3100Officer's Academy, Golden Deer (1), Reception Hall (1), Dedue's Room (1), Linhardt's Room (1), Fishing Pier (1)
4300Library (2)
5300Library (2), Dedue's Room (1), Linhardt's Room (1)
6?Leonie's Room (1)
9?Jeralt's Room (1)
10?Library (1)
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