Three HousesThree Houses

Weathervanes of Fódlan

Annette and Gilbert hope to acquire the Hero's Relic of House Dominic from Annette's uncle, Baron Dominic.

Relevant Units and Availability

Annette and Gilbert must both be alive, as well as have reached at least a C support with eachother. Annette, Gilbert, and Byleth are force deployed on this map.

This paralogue is available from Chapter 14 to Chapter 18 on the Azure Moon route only.


Victory ConditionDefeat Condition
Defeat Baron Dominic.Dimitri/Byleth/Annette/Gilbert are defeated, or the player's army is routed.

Map Overview

1140+4 or 40+100


  • When all of the bottom right Fortress Knights are defeated: 4 Heroes, 6 Swordmasters spawn over the bottom half of the map. On Normal/Hard, these reinforcement numbers are halved.
  • On turn 10 or when any player unit enters the top left area: 2 Paladins, 2 Fortress Knights spawn near the bottom right Stronghold.
  • The above two sets of reinforcements are mutually exclusive, only the first set that is triggered will appear.


SpearDropped by enemy Swordmaster
Black PearlDropped by enemy Sniper
(Battalion) School of Sorcery SoldiersAutomatically at the end of the paralogue
CrusherAutomatically at the end of the paralogue


  • The Fortress Knights surrounding Annette and Gilbert will not aggro you unless you engage them first. Unless Annette and Gilbert have been grinded up, you should just not attack them for the first few turns.
  • If the Fortress Knights are aggro'd, they will only attack Annette.
  • All reinforcements will only attack Annette.
  • Baron Dominic does not move.
Three HousesThree Houses