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Paralogues in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

An overview of how paralogues work in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Paralogues in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Paralogues return in Fire Emblem: Three Houses in a slightly different flavor. Unlike previous titles, they are not numbered or ordered in any way. Each paralogue also focuses on one or two characters, always requiring either one or both of the units to be recruited in order to unlock it. Each paralogue is only available for a set time frame, since the story events of the paralogue would not make sense otherwise.

Most paralogues occur either before the timeskip or after the timeskip, the only exception being Hilda and Cyril's paralogue, which can be done either before or after the timeskip at the player's discretion. Anna's paralogue occurs either before or after the timeskip depending on the route. Generally, if a paralogue occurs before the timeskip you only need to recruit one of the relevant units to unlock it, and if a paralogue occurs after the timeskip then you need both. All relevant units must have not fallen in battle (neither as a recruited unit or as a mission assistant), the only exception to this is that Jeritza does not need to be alive to do Anna's paralogue in Crimson Flower. Note that some rewards for pre-timeskip paralogues are tied to certain units, and you will not obtain them unless they are recruited at the time of doing the paralogue.

The game will give you certain date ranges for doing paralogues. The starting date will be the first free day for the chapter that they become available, and the end date will be the last free day for the deadline chapter.

Some paralogues also have extra conditions for unlocking them beyond recruiting the necessary units. These requirements are listed on each individual paralogue's page.

This page will lists paralogues in the game, split based on whether they are available pre or post-timeskip (or both).

Pre-timeskip Paralogues

Paralogues that can be done before the timeskip.

List of Paralogues

A Cursed RelicYuri, Constance
An Ocean ViewFlayn, Seteth
Black Market SchemeBalthus, Hapi
Death TollRaphael, Ignatz
Dividing the WorldHilda, Cyril
Falling Short of HeavenAshe, Catherine
Land of the Golden DeerLorenz
Oil and WaterHanneman, Manuela
Rumored NuptialsIngrid, Dorothea
Sword and Shield of SeirosAlois, Shamir
Tales of the Red CanyonByleth, Sothis
The ForgottenSylvain
The Secret MerchantAnna, Jeritza
True ChivalryFelix
War for the WeakDedue

Post-timeskip Paralogues

Paralogues that can be done after the timeskip.

List of Paralogues

Darkness Beneath the EarthHubert
Dividing the WorldHilda, Cyril
Eternal GuardianRhea
Foreign Land and SkyPetra, Bernadetta
Forgotten HeroMarianne
Legend of the LakeLeonie, Linhardt
RetributionFerdinand, Lysithea
The Face BeneathMercedes, Caspar
The Secret MerchantAnna, Jeritza
The Silver MaidenDimitri
The Sleeping Sand LegendClaude
Weathervanes of FódlanAnnette, Gilbert
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