Three HousesThree Houses

An Ocean View

Western Church extremists have taken over land sacred to Cichol, one of the Four Saints. Seteth heads out to rid the area of them, and Flayn insists on going along.

Relevant Units and Availability

Flayn must be recruited (she will join you automatically after the Chapter 6 mission) and alive. Flayn, Seteth, and Byleth are force deployed on this map.

This paralogue is available from Chapter 9 to Chapter 11.


Victory ConditionDefeat Condition
Rout the enemy.Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude/Byleth/Flayn/Seteth die, or the player's army is routed.

Map Overview



This paralogue doesn't have any reinforcements.


Advanced SealDropped by the top left Bishop
Black PearlDropped by the top right Bishop
Levin SwordDropped by the bottom right Bishop
(Battalion) Cichol Wyvern Co.Automatically at the end of the paralogue
(Battalion) Cethleann MonksAutomatically at the end of the paralogue
Spear of AssalAutomatically at the end of the paralogue
Caduceus StaffAutomatically at the end of the paralogue


  • The top left Bishop does not move.
  • The top right and bottom right Bishops do not move until the top left Bishop is defeated, at which point they will prioritize escaping towards the south.
  • This is a desert chapter, so all non-fliers and non-magic units will have their movement greatly reduced.
  • There are no hidden items in the sand.
Three HousesThree Houses