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Levin Sword

Coursing with electric energy, this magical sword has been struck by lightning.


Game Data

Levin Sword costs 1x Arcane Crystal and 800g to repair.



You can obtain the Levin Sword in the following ways.

  • Chapter 6 bottom right chest
  • Forge Steel Sword


A 1-2 range sword that uses your Magic stat for damage instead of Strength. Very useful for characters with a Sword boon and decent-to-high magic. Once you forge it, it gains one extra Range and can be used to avoid counter attacks from some enemies.

Forged Levin Sword+

A reinforced levin sword. Magic weapon.

Game Data

Levin Sword+ costs 4x Arcane Crystal and 960g to forge. Levin Sword+ costs 2x Arcane Crystal and 1200g to repair.

C30 +5970013 +19

Forge From

Levin Sword can be forged from these weapons.

List of Forge From Options

NameMaterialsProf. LevelCost
Steel Sword2x Arcane CrystalC+640g
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