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Steel Sword

A weighty steel sword that deals significant blows.


Game Data

Steel Sword costs 3x Smithing Stone and 455g to repair.



You can obtain the Steel Sword in the following ways.

  • Marketplace (x3 per month)
  • Complete the "Troubling Rumors" quest in Chapter 2
  • Complete the "Maintaining Your Training" quest in Chapter 5
  • Defeat Catherine in the fishing tournament in Chapter 7
  • Forge Iron Sword


A rather heavy yet durable sword, the Steel Sword is somewhat niche especially once you can use Silver Swords. The main thing making Steel weapons good is high durability and low rank requirement, meaning you can spam out Combat Arts for low cost, though this is less useful for Swords due to the lack of strong, early-game combat arts on the level of Tempest Lance.

Forged Steel Sword+

A reinforced steel sword made strong and remade stronger.

Game Data

Steel Sword+ costs 10x Smithing Stone and 550g to forge. Steel Sword+ costs 5x Smithing Stone and 682g to repair.

D55 +510 +2850110

Other Forging Options

Steel Sword can also be forged into these weapons.

List of Other Forging Options

NameMaterialsProf. LevelCost
Silver Sword10x Smithing StoneB+560g
Levin Sword2x Arcane CrystalC+640g

Forge From

Steel Sword can be forged from these weapons.

List of Forge From Options

NameMaterialsProf. LevelCost
Iron Sword6x Smithing StoneD+360g
Rusted Sword3x Smithing StoneD+360g
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