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Rusted Sword

A rust-coated that can be forged into an Iron, Steel, Brave or Silver sword, or Mercurius.


Game Data

Rusted Sword cannot be repaired at the blacksmith.



The Rusted Sword is meant to be forged into a specified sword. This can be useful for obtaining certain weapons sooner or more of those weapons.

Forging Options

Rusted Sword can be forged into these weapons.

List of Forging Options

NameMaterialsProf. LevelCost
Iron Sword2x Smithing StoneE+210g
Steel Sword3x Smithing StoneD+360g
Silver Sword5x Smithing StoneB+560g
Brave Sword2x Wootz SteelB+840g
Mercurius10x MythrilA+2000g
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