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Brave Sword

The wielder of this blade is emboldened and will attack twice when initiating combat.


Game Data

Brave Sword costs 2x Wootz Steel and 1050g to repair.



You can obtain the Brave Sword in the following ways.

  • Marketplace (x1) starting from Chapter 12 for BE, or Chapter 13 for BL/GD
  • Dropped by enemy Swordmaster in Chapter 18 AM
  • Northern chest in Chapter 18 SS and Chapter 19 VW
  • Forge the Silver Sword


The Brave Sword should be reserved for Player Phase in order to avoid counter attacks, and you must be aware that the Brave effect is not active during enemy phase. If you find a unit in danger with a Brave Sword equipped, it is best to use Trade to move another weapon to the top of their Inventory to equip a different, lighter weapon. The Brave weapons synergize well with Death Blow, Uncanny Blow, and potentially Darting Blow, Fiendish Blow and Duelist's Blow.

Forged Brave Sword+

A reinforced brave sword that lets the wielder attack twice when initiating combat.

Game Data

Brave Sword+ costs 6x Wootz Steel and 1260g to forge. Brave Sword+ costs 3x Wootz Steel and 1575g to repair.

B40 +1010 +185 +100112

Forge From

Brave Sword can be forged from these weapons.

List of Forge From Options

NameMaterialsProf. LevelCost
Rusted Sword2x Wootz SteelB+840g
Silver Sword4x Wootz SteelB+840g
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