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The Secret Merchant

Anna was approached by Pallardó, a merchant who frequents Garreg Mach, with a get-rich-quick scheme. It appears that his plan has more than a few layers...

Relevant Units and Availability

Anna must be recruited and alive. Jeritza does not have to be alive on Crimson Flower. Anna (and Jeritza if CF and alive) and Byleth are force deployed on this map.

This paralogue is available from Chapter 9 to Chapter 11 if the player selected the Blue Lions or the Golden Deer. It is available from Chapter 13 to Chapter 17 on Crimson Flower, and not available at all on Silver Snow.


Victory ConditionDefeat Condition
Rout the enemy or survive 10 turns.Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude/Byleth/Anna/Jeritza die, or the player's army is routed.

Map Overview

10 (11 on CF)23+210


  • On turn 2: 3 Bow Knights (2 on Normal/Hard), 2 Grapplers spawn around the perimeter of the map.
  • On turn 4: 2 Grapplers, 2 Mages, 1 Bow Knight (Maddening only) spawn around the perimeter of the map.
  • On turn 6: 2 Grapplers, 2 Bow Knights, 1 Paladin (Maddening only) spawn around the perimeter of the map.
  • On turn 8: 2 Bow Knights, 2 Warriors, 2 Mages (Maddening only) spawn around the perimeter of the map.


Bullion x7Dropped by various enemies
Large Bullion x4Dropped by various enemies
Concoction x3Dropped by various enemies
Elixir x3Dropped by various enemies
Pure WaterDropped by enemy Mage
HammerDropped by enemy Warrior
HorseslayerDropped by enemy Paladin
Venin AxeDropped by enemy Warrior
Venin LanceDropped by enemy Paladin
(Battalion) Secret Transport ForceAutomatically at the end of the paralogue


  • It is possible to class Byleth, Anna (and Jeritza on CF) into fliers and place them on certain tiles that are unreachable by enemies. You can easily win the paralogue this way, at the cost of not getting the droppable rewards (which aren't that great anyways).
Three HousesThree Houses