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Dorothea Arnault

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Dorothea Arnault


Dorothea is a Black Eagles student at the Officers Academy, hailing from the Adrestian capital city of Enbarr. She is a natural performer who enjoys to act and to sing, as she was formerly a songstress. Despite being of common heritage she still treats her noble classmates as equals.


Horsebow Moon 29
Imperial Year 1161
  • Singing
  • A bit of everything

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Game Data

Growth rates, starting skills, and more.

Base Stats (Level 1 Commoner)


Variable Recruitment Base Stats

Growth Rates




Learns White Magic Avo +20 upon completing budding talent.

Learned Magic

Skill LevelReasonFaith
A+Agnea's Arrow

Personal Ability

Dorothea's personal ability is Songstress.

Learned Abilities

IconAbilitySkillSkill Icon
authorityRally CharmAuthority Dauthority
authorityBattalion DesperationAuthority Cauthority
faithWhite Magic Avo +20Faith Buddingfaith

Learned Combat Arts

IconAbilitySkillSkill Icon
HexbladeHexbladeSword C+sword


Dorothea's paralogue is Rumored Nuptials.


Dorothea is one of the two offensively-inclined magic users of the Black Eagles, the other being Hubert. Compared to Hubert, her damage output is very lackluster. She has middling growths in all offensive stats, and will often have to rely on high damage spells such as Thoron and Agnea's Arrow to deal enough damage to enemies.

Dorothea has a very rare access to the Meteor, which she will obtain fairly early on thanks to high starting Reason rank, as well as her boon in the skill. With this, Dorothea will be able to provide a lot of utility to the rest of her team in the form of Linked Attacks and Gambit Boosts. With Meteor equipped, she will be able to provide a link to most of your army. Hence, it is good to save your actual Meteor attack for when you truly need it, since it is a large part of Dorothea's usefulness. Dorothea also has a larger than average support pool, meaning she will be able to provide more meaningful boosts. As soon as Dorothea learns Meteor, she should be bumped to the top of the deployment list, assuming that she has supports with your other units.

Since Dorothea's damage output (and Linked Attack utility) are dependent on high-power, low-usage spells, Gremory is the most effective final class for those who intend on using Dorothea for offense, since it gives her double spell uses. She should aim to master Mage as soon as possible, to make up for her somewhat weak damage output.

Dorothea also has a budding talent in Faith, and she will learn Physic at C rank. Once she reaches this benchmark, she should focus solely on Reason and Authority to learn her important spells and gain access to better Battalions.

Dorothea is even better suited towards being the team's Dancer. This allows her to focus on her strengths, which is mostly providing utility through Meteor Linked Attacks and powerful gambits. Her lackluster offense will be mitigated, since Dancers don't need to attack. With Meteor equipped and Physic learned, Dancer Dorothea will always be able to contribute utility. As a Dancer, it is rarely ever worth it to expend the single Meteor usage, since she will probably not be doing much damage anyways. Dorothea also has a unique post-timeskip Dancer sprite, which is all the more reason to choose the utility route.

Furthermore, as a Dancer, Dorothea needs almost no investment to be effective. She already has enough Charm at base to have a chance of winning the White Heron Cup (assuming you train her during the quest), and will have guaranteed victory after 2 perfect teatimes. Meteor's range does not depend on the caster's Magic stat, so she doesn't really need to be trained at all, which allows your other units to grow faster.

Overall, Dorothea has below average damage output when compared to other offensive mages. She often finds herself running out of uses for important spells, and will need the Gremory certification to become a good fighter. As a Dancer, she can become very useful with minimal investment. She will be serviceable as a combat unit, but nothing special.


Dorothea will automatically be recruited if the player selects to teach the Black Eagles house.

Dorothea can be recruited once Byleth has achieved a stat of Cha 25 and Skill Rank B in Authority. These requirements can be lowered if Byleth builds support with Dorothea, as shown in the below table.

Support LevelStatSkill Rank
NoneCha 25Authority B
CCha 20Authority C+
C+Cha 15Authority C
BCha 10Authority D+
B+Cha 5Authority D
Sweet-Apple Blend
Albinean Berry Blend


A dinner invitationI heard some gossipTell me about yourself
I'm counting on youThanks for everythingBooks you've read recently
The courtyard coupleClose callsMonastery rules
Cute monksMonastery securityThe melody of words
Our first meetingThe operaDreamy knights
Things that bother youEvaluating alliesPlans for the future
Exploring the monasteryPotential training partnersWorking hours for guards
Relaxing at the saunaWorking togetherFirst crushes
You seem differentGifts you'd like to receiveSchool uniforms
Heart-racing memoriesSomeone you look up toYou're doing great work

Final Comments

More nobles than you'd expect make a pilgrimage to Garreg Mach to pray.
I am not really a fan of hymns. I don't want to offer silly songs to my goddess.
My ideal partner is religious, but only just. And they have enough money to live on for all our days.
So, you don't have any weaknesses after all? I'm totally envious of you.
Sip tea
You're such an open-minded person, Professor. I'm glad you don't judge me for living how I want to.
Sip tea
Why are men so vain? They should know their lies will never last.
Sip tea
Don't you think you feel stronger attraction to someone when you know you may die tomorrow?
So many people have died… I'm so terribly down. I feel better here, with you though.
Whatever the future may bring, I'm so glad I met you.

Liked Gifts

Book of Sheet Music
Gemstone Beads
Stylish Hair Clip

Disliked Gifts

Goddess Statuette
Floral Adornment

Lost Items

Silver Brooch
Songstress Poster
Lovely Comb
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