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Linked Attacks Guide

Allies can help each other when they are near the same enemy.

Overview of Linked Attacks

Linked Attacks are introduced in the prologue of the game, where Jeralt vaguely mentions that if you attack when an ally is nearby, the enemy will be scared and easier to hit. Very useful, thanks Jeralt.

Linked Attacks occur when one of your units initiates combat during the player phase on an enemy unit that is in range of being attacked by other allied units. For a Linked Attack to work, the allied units must have a weapon equipped that is capable of attacking the enemy from their current tile. For example, a unit that is two tiles away from the enemy with both a Bow and a Sword in their inventory must have the Bow equipped.

Gambit Boosts work in a very similar way, read the Battalions Guide for more information on Gambit Boosts.

Linked Attack Mechanics

Linked Attacks have increased Hit, Avoid, and occasionally Might.

Linked Attack Bonuses

A list of linked allies will appear in the combat forecast. The bonuses that each ally will give depends on their support level with the attacking unit. The table below lists the bonuses at each support level. As of patch 1.2.0, units will only receive the no support bonus if they can potentially support each other.

Support LevelHit and Avoid Bonuses
NoneHit and Avoid +3
CHit and Avoid +5
BHit and Avoid +7
AHit and Avoid +10
SHit and Avoid +15

There are some units that have stronger bonds with each other, and will provide extra bonus Might along with the Hit and Avoid bonuses. The following pairs of units will give bonus Might during Linked Attacks.

Like the Hit and Avoid bonuses, the Might bonuses also increase based on support level. The table below lists the might bonuses at each support level.

Support LevelMight Bonus
NoneNo Might bonus
CMight +1
BMight +2
AMight +3
SMight +5

Number of Links

Up to 3 deployed allies can count in the link. The combat bonuses all stack additively. Furthermore, any adjutants assigned to the attacking unit will also count in the link, independent of the deployed units. Hence, up to 4 allies can participate in a Linked Attack.

If more than 3 deployed units are available to participate in a Linked Attack, the game will give priority according the deployment order. Units higher in the deployment list will participate in the link over lower ones, regardless of support level.

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